New picture proves that Dwayne Johnson is a true superhero

It’s clear to everyone that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson spends a lot of time in the gym. This is certainly also true prior to his role as the anti-hero Black Adam in the film of the same name.

Now the muscular star is giving an even better look at the hero on his Instagram, and that in full figure. See the picture at the bottom of the article.

The picture is from behind the footage and in black and white, where the suit is thus seen in its entirety without computer effects, which you otherwise, among other things. have been able to see in a previous trailer for the film.

The image is from a number of new scenes that are recorded for the film, while a final touch is placed on the production, including precisely CGI effects. It writes Screenrant.

In the new picture, in other words, The Rock can not hide behind lightning effects and certainly appears as a real hero in all its physical might.

‘Black Adam’ is based on the DC Comics about the supervillain and is known as an enemy of the superhero Shazam. The two are also expected to meet in a later film.

Dwayne Johnson also acts as producer on the film, which is directed by the actor’s former collaborator on Jungle Cruise, namely Jaume Collet-Serra.

‘Black Adam’ premieres in theaters on October 20.

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